Underdark Prison and Waterlogged Cavern Dungeon Map

Venture into the Underdark and explore an underground prison complex where Illithids, Duergar, or your favorite deep-delving villains are conducting macabre experiments.

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ImageUnderdark Prison and Waterlogged Cavern Map. Grab your preferred version below.

Send your players into this moodily-lit prison complex in the Underdark where they can investigate the macabre experiments being conducted by your favorite bad guy. I ran this scenario for a group of five players who entered by canoes via an underground river at lower right, faced several Mind Flayers and freed some prisoners in the center complex, then made their way into an eerily-lit waterlogged cavern at the top. The Mind Flayers had used various pools in this top section to dispose of dead bodies from failed experiments, many of which came to life as reanimated zombies when the party approached.

The cavern pools in the upper left cavern portion descend as you move to the top left and would be perfect for a Roper encounter, but after all those Illithids and undead, I decided to take it easy on the party. Those pools on drain through the rock-choked passageway leading to the top left and would be a great way to continue the adventure deeper.

Why are the green crystals glowing in the cavern? What sort of experiments are being conducted here? Where did the prisoners come from? What sort of loot lurks in the pockets of the dead bodies in the waterways of the upper right? So many possibbilites.

I've made the maps available as a downloadable JPGs in a variety of formats: with and without grid and with or without moody ambient lighting effects.


These maps were created with Megasploot's Dungeondraft.