One Page Dungeon: Escape of the Torment

Can your party stop the pirates from escaping their hidden lair? A 1st tier adventure ready to drop into your campaign

Scroll down for downloadable and printable battlemaps including an independent ship map that slides on top of the base map to simulate the escape!

Update October 16, 2021: Escape of the Torment made the Winner's Circle at the One Page Dungeon Contest!

ImageThe one page dungeon Escape of the Torment PDF is available for download along with print-and-play battlemaps below.
While unwinding at the local tavern, your party of adventurers has stumbled upon an opportunity: two drunk outlaws bragging about all the gold they've made fencing stolen goods for a band of pirates. You tail them for a couple of days until they lead you to the secret entrance of the pirates' coastal hideout where they keep their ship the Torment.

The pirates have trapped the entrance with a silent alarm trap. Once triggered, guards inside stand ready to detonate a stack of black powder barrels near the end of the entrance tunnel and activate a ship launching mechanism that will accelerate the Torment out of the cavern. Multiple stacks of black powder barrels are ready to deliver fire damage once detonated and four cannons on board the ships can shred party members with shrapnel damage. Eight rounds after the party has been detected the ship exits the cavern into the sea outside.

Look below for downloadable battle maps, ready to print and play. Don't have access to a poster printer? No problem. I've made versions that print on letter size paper. Just print, trim, and tape the pages together.
Escape of the Torment is a first tier scenario ready to use as a one-shot or to drop into your current campaign. I've personally run this scenario for a party of four level five characters and it went well. I threw in an ogre that the pirates had hired as a stevedore to make things a little more interesting (that party had an unusually hard-hitting fighter), but that's up to you. Additionally, my pirate captain had a Hat of Disguise and used it to change her appearance to that of regular crewmember to confuse my players a bit. Things can get very interesting if your party is clever and stealthy enough to bypass the entrance alarm and sneak into the cavern undetected.

I've made the adventure and maps available as a downloadable PDFs and JPGs. Grab the one-page dungeon and draw your own battle maps, or download a set of printable maps and be ready to play with a minimal amount of setup.


One Page Dungeon Contest

I've entered Escape of the Torment in the 2021 One Page Dungeon Contest. Visit their website for a wide range of one page adventures to use on your game night.